Executive Benefits

As you work to attract and retain valuable employees, CFG can help you evaluate and design flexible executive benefit programs that meet your company’s needs. These programs can be offered to key staff members selectively and simply, without red tape or complex reporting requirements. Furthermore, they can be custom designed to meet the financial needs and goals of key executives over the short and long term, while making your company even more competitive and successful.

Options For Your Employee


CFG understands that in today’s mobile economy, highly skilled and experienced employees have many choices and will keep looking for ways to make their work more rewarding. However, the more choices you offer your executives, the more likely they are to keep pursuing a rewarding career within your company.


  • Individual planning
  • Life insurance audits
  • Private disability policies
  • Alternative investments

Key Advantages of Executive Benefit Programs


  • Executive Benefit Programs can be offered selectively to long-time employees as incentives to stay, or to new employees as recruiting incentives.
  • Costs can be budgeted based on the company’s estimate of each employee’s value, as well as the company’s ability to fund its share of benefit costs.
  • For selected employees, executive benefits can be designed to supplement the retirement income provided by qualified plans or extend the benefits provided by group insurance.

Most Popular Executive Benefit Programs


  • Executive financial planning & estate planning
  • Wealth accumulation planning
  • Deferred compensation
  • Executive life insurance
  • Long-term care insurance
  • Disability income insurance
  • Charitable funding-


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