Employee Advocacy & Communication

CFG’s health benefits advocacy concept is a direct response to the fast changing, and generally confusing, managed care environment. Our employee advocacy program complements and supports our clients’ human resources departments. Experienced advocates are ready to provide confidential support in navigating the complex healthcare landscape.

The advocates will:

  • Advocate on behalf of the employees in dealings with health plans and providers’ offices
  • Troubleshoot claims, eligibility, and problems with provider networks to ensure timely delivery of care
  • Coordinate and interface with multiple parties, including health plans, hospitals, medical groups, provider offices, and collection agencies to resolve billing disputes
  • Educate employees about their benefit plans and the appropriate way to access them
  • Coach and role-play with employees on effective doctor-patient interactions to make their office visits more productive
  • Reinforce and expand the knowledge learned during a call using proprietary healthcare tip sheets
  • Support employees by providing information and resources on various health conditions and diseases

In turn, employees can:

  • Compare and choose a health plan
  • Understand their managed care benefits
  • Resolve claims problems and billing disputes
  • Select doctors and hospitals
  • Address provider network issues
  • Fix eligibility snafus and fallout
  • Deal with quality of care concerns
  • Tackle doctor/patient communications issues

Our comprehensive advocacy program saves employees time, frustration, and money. We work tirelessly to make your employees feel that they are the most important asset of your company

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